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Where to Invest - "PROGRAM"

Maximum New projects that seem promising are placed in the Lower category. The project in this section is under close attention - we monitor the promotion, development and investment flow, as well as Lower category is the system for functionality. As soon as the project proves to be good, we transfer it to the "Candidates" section and the second, more thorough stage of verification begins.

If the project shows stable development, smoothly unwinds and has proved its solvency, then we transfer such hype to the "Leaders" category. This status is given to the best blog projects .

In our widget, you will also find sections such as "New on the blog", in it you will see the last five projects added to the blog, and, " Insured"- a list of HYIPs for the largest insurance fund. In addition, we keep statistics on the total insurance amount, and for clarity, any insured project is marked with the icon""green shield.

For each project, in a review article, we write our review about the project, if we worked with the administrator before and his projects gave excellent results, we share an insider . But it is worth remembering that investing in such projects is also fraught with risks.

Blog publications will also help you make money on HYIPs, in which we talk about investment strategies and share valuable tips. Be sure to read our reviews, in which we provide objective information on each of the projects.

You can take our Advice

A modern investor who seeks to make money on hype needs to open several wallets at once in various popular payment systems.Firstly, in many HYIPs from the start they add the ability to enter only from one payment, and if you don’t have a wallet in it, you won’t be able to join the project at a good moment, which means you will lose possible earnings.

Secondly, payment systems also periodically encounter force majeure situations, and by distributing money across several wallets, in such cases you will not lose the opportunity to manage your portfolio.

We advise you to start investing in HYIP projects by creating a wallet in the ePayCore EPS, and we also recommend opening an Exodus Wallet account . If everything is clear with payments, then the advice about the exchange may cause you bewilderment.

It will help you make money on HYIPs by allowing you to open a large number of cryptocurrency wallets in one place, which will be useful for investing in crypto projects. In addition, by concentrating part of the money in cryptocurrency, you have the opportunity to earn on the growth of the coin rate.

In the event that after reading the information on the blog, you have not formed a specific answer to the question of how to make money on HYIPs, then you have the opportunity to contact our team. We will give a competent answer to any question on the topic of HYIP investments and help you build a diversified investment portfolio.

To do this, you can write to us by mail or Telegram. We advise you to carefully check the contact details of the blog and copy them only from the " Contacts " section, as there are a lot of scammers on the network who are ready for any deception for the sake of profit.

Compiling an investment portfolio - free of charge . In return, you register in projects under our affiliate link and invest. Many investment projects pay partner remuneration for the investor's contribution , we pay part of this remuneration to your wallet in the form of a bonus .

"To make a investment you must first become a member of this project . Once you are signed up, you can make your first deposit. All deposits must be made through the Members Area. You can login using the member username and password you receive when signup."

Risk Warning:

Investing in hyip projects - involves significant risks, including the possibility of a complete loss of funds.You should not risk more than you can afford to lose. You should not start investing if you do not fully understand the real extent of the losses and risks to which you are exposed.Under no circumstances does Investhunter.net Blog be liable to individuals or legal entities for any losses, in whole or in part, arising from, resulting from, or related to any operations in the submitted projects on the site.

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